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Women Against Drugs 2006

Women Against Drugs on International Women's Day
Tuesday 7 March 2006

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Celebrating International Women's Day

For the third consecutive year, DAAP is organising Women Against Drugs, an annual event for all women to come together to take a united stand against addiction. Women Against Drugs brings women together to take positive action to overcome their own or the addiction of others.

DAAP Woman of the Year Award 2006 is being sponsored this year by the Southall Regeneration Partnership, Third Vision Consultancy, Norwood Mortgages and Devinder Kaur.

This year six women receive this award for their courage and fortitude in fighting against addiction in their families and for raising awareness of the related issues of gun crime.

Please commend:

  • Daljit Takhar
  • Satvir Roddah
  • Amarjeet Chahal
  • Daljit Sangera
  • Kulwant Birk
  • Bhupinder Iffit Rizwi

All the winning sisters will have a well deserved week end break in Sunny Wales.

Speech by Perminder Dhillon, DAAP CEO

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Greetings sisters, Sat Siri Akaal, Salamalakam, Habari, Jai Sri Krishna and Sai Ram to everyone

Distinguished guests WELCOME to the Women against drugs night. My name is Perminder Dhillon, I am the CEO of DAAP. You have just seen a clip of the resources that we use at DAAP to educate diverse communities about addiction aptly titled 'It couldn't happen to us' as this is what most of our communities think – that drug and alcohol addiction cannot happen to us.

This is the third year that DAAP has organised Women against drugs as part of our celebration for the international women's day. Every year there are new faces, new women who get involved in the campaign to challenge addiction. Events about addiction are not exactly seen as attractive events to attend. So I am thrilled to see many women here.

Speech by Gaille MaCann, Mothers Against Drugs, Glasgow

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Speech by Jenny Gaze, Ultimate High


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I'm here to talk about my book, 'The Ultimate High…True Stories of Healings of addiction'.

Why did I write this book?
I have experienced the effects of drugs and alcohol in my life, and seen the chaos and destruction it brings first-hand. As a single mother of two sons, I used cannabis and tobacco as crutches to deal with my pain and help me cope…or so I thought. But it took us all into chaos and many problems. But after years of struggling to give up, I finally succeeded. It was through turning to God in desperation and through prayer. I could not do it myself through my own willpower. I believe that this applies to most people.

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