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 Ealing Drug Education Project

Ealing Drug Education Project (EDEP) provides drug education to all the communities in the London Borough of Ealing. The project works in a focussed way with the African, Caribbean, Somali and South Asian communities in Southall and other parts of Ealing. This is to ensure that the range of cultural and language needs are met appropriately and that we use relevant drug education resources.

We work with individuals, families and organisations to increase their knowledge about drug issues as they affect the local communities. We also enable people to access relevant services. We believe that community cohesion is essential in empowering the communities to tackle the issue of increasing drug use and to tackle the notion of ‘it can’t happen to us’.

View the EDEP programme of activities.

Ealing Drug Education Project provides the following:

1. Drug education in appropriate languages to parents, young people and organisations.

Both officers and volunteers can provide drug sessions in Gurmukhi Punjabi, Mirpuri Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujrati, Somali, English and Farsi.

2. Training local volunteers to disseminate drug education
The project has twenty volunteers who are trained in drug and equality and diversity issues. The volunteers can work with different language and cultural groups.

3. Enabling drug users and their families to access appropriate services

We work with a number of local and national drug agencies and refer people to appropriate provision.

4. Working with young people from all communities to enhance community cohesion

The project has set up a Young People’s Council to help young people to present their own issues around their lives. We also have targeted sessions for young Asian and Somali women and young men who are drug users.

5. Work with schools
One aspect of our work with young people is in schools. We provide professional input and support for school based culturally appropriate drug education to meet the diverse needs of the communities in Ealing. We provide education in primary and secondary prevention and refer young people to appropriate organisations.

We offer a number of options to schools:

  • Facilitating drug awareness sessions for young people at different key stages

  • Working with groups of young people as identified by the school to meet a specific need (for example working with young people from the Somali community to raise awareness about Khat and illegal drugs)

  • Facilitating self development sessions with young people deemed to have a problem around drugs (for example those young people who have been in trouble for possessing, using or selling drugs and may have been subject to the school’s disciplinary procedures). This we do by providing specially designed sessions to meet the appropriate need for each group. We also enable young people to continue to access appropriate information and services as well as to continue their self-development by engaging in community and training opportunities available through the EDEP. These opportunities include becoming involved in the Young People’s Council and in training as peer educators.

  • Facilitating drug education sessions for parents by tailoring the sessions according to their cultural and language needs.

6. Training young people as peer educators.

7. Working with local drug services to develop culturally sensitive services.

8. Undertaking appropriate research to highlight good practice as well as gaps in education and service delivery.

9. Undertaking appropriate research to develop and produce resources in the appropriate language.

10. Supporting local community by working with religious, business, statutory and voluntary organisations to engage with community development and support issues to mitigate the impact of drug use.

For any information about these activities please contact DAAP on Tel: 020 8843 0945 or email


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